Your endorsement is very important to me.

I am running as a grassroots candidate to represent you on the Foothill De-Anza community college district Board. The main point of my campaign is to make community college education work for high school students and students of all ages to help them with their educational, professional, and personal learning goals.

Endorse Govind

I seek YOUR endorsement.  Your endorsement helps the undecided voters.

Your endorsement will inform the undecided voter

  • whether it is your friend, acquaintance or neighbor, to take a closer look at what I stand for and plan to contribute
  • that the Foothill-De-Anza Board needs a fresh set of eyes, skills, and perspectives to help shape educational and skills programs to uplift the working class

Together we can build a better and resilient FHDA with improved student outcomes, fiscal accountability, and responsible leadership.

“Govind Tatachari is well suited to oversee the functioning of Community Colleges and provide a path to future programs in this rapidly evolving technological world.  He has both the knowledge of technology and the appreciation for liberal arts that place him in a unique position to understand the problems facing society and provide career paths that can lead to meaningful and self-supporting careers. He has education and experience working in the high-tech world and will be able to provide cost-effective solutions to the Community College system.  He will provide a refreshing balance to the Board with his wide range of skills.”

Dr. U. N. Umesh

Elected/Appointed Leaders*

  • Sashikala Begur, Parks and Recreation Commission
  • Liang-Fang Chao, Councilmember, Cupertino
  • Sudha Kasamsetty, Fine Arts Commission
  • Lydia Kou, Councilmember, Palo Alto
  • Lynette Lee Eng, Councilmember, Los Altos
  • Prabir Mohanty, Chair, Information, Technology and Communication Commission
  • Kitty Moore, Chair, Cupertino Planning Commission
  • Steven Scharf, Mayor, Cupertino
  • Rahul Vasanth, Library Commission
  • Jon Willey, Councilmember, Cupertino
  • Xiangchen “Minna” Xu, Parks and Recreation Commission

*titles are for identification purposes only and do not indicate institutional endorsement

Community Leaders

  • Vinod Balakrishnan
  • Tom Grandsaert
  • Mika Ratnam Glass
  • Caryl Gorska
  • Pam Hershey, Teacher
  • Chitra Iyer
  • Prabhu Krishnamurthy
  • Luke Lang
  • Nicole Lim
  • Ram Melkote
  • Alan Penn
  • Joe Pereira
  • Chitra Prabhakaran
  • Simran Raheja
  • Seshan “Sesh” Raj
  • Eric Schaefer
  • Balaji Seshachalam, VP TekPundits
  • Himani Singh
  • Uma Sriram
  • Bern Steves
  • Yuwen Su
  • Danessa Techmanski
  • Dr. U.N. Umesh
  • Khyati Upadhyay