Key Issues

Effective and Actionable

To achieve its mission, Foothill DeAnza community college district (FHDA) must address issues and challenges that occur every year and infrequently. FHDA must ensure academic excellence and affordability for all.

The policy issues that current board must address during this pandemic era and beyond are:

Improved Student success

 The district must enable students to discover, plan and achieve their educational and employment goals. Improved student success means both acquisition of required knowledge and skills and achieving the goal of completion, transfer or finding employment. 


Academic excellence and Effective delivery

Excellence of academic programs that match the needs of the industry and essential careers and their effective and efficient delivery are of utmost importance



Transparency and Accountability

Decision making should be made transparent. Public board meetings must be video-taped and archives must be available for later viewing. A critical issue is the prioritization and judicious use of bond money.


Budget and enrollment

The district must provide affordable education for all who need it. Required funding from the federal and state government will be impacted during current pandemic period and recession. The district has faced declining enrollment and budget cuts may be necessary.


Insecurities and mental health issues

A significant percentage of students and staff face food and housing insecurities and current pandemic and unrest is adding to mental health concerns. 


Community Involvement

Foothill-De Anza needs to ensure that they honor and build community support. 


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